Midlands Testing Services of Texas (MTSTX) provides complete on-site discreet collection packages to help establish and maintain a Drug-Free Workplace within your company. We are one of the few testing companies that offer on-site drug and alcohol testing, to assist our clients in saving time and money. We have the ability to manage any size program, regardless of number of employees or facilities within the Austin, San Antonio, and Texas Hill country counties. We work closely with management to ensure its success. 

We recognize each client (large and small) has unique drug testing requirements. We can provide customized programs to fit those needs including construction, transportation, trucking, oil, municipalities, utilities, schools, athletes, and many other businesses thru high quality lab based DOT part 40 testing and non-DOT drug testing. Results can be provided through a variety of means including telephone, Fax, email and secured web reports. Our cutting edge technology offers the most modern means of servicing a client's drug testing needs. 

MTSTX works with MROs (Medical Review Officer) who determines if there is a legitimate medical explanation for laboratory confirmed positive, adulterated, substituted, or invalid drug test results to ensure timely flow of test results and other information to employers and protect confidentiality of the drug testing information. 

MTSTX can work with you to find the appropriate resources to enable you to help your employee should there be positive test results. 

Midlands Testing Services of Texas provides:

  • Pre-employment drug screening for all types of industries.  All testing is completed utilizing federally approved testing laboratories that meet or exceed Federal workplace testing levels.
  • The random selection process for drug screens and/or alcohol tests for your company. 
  • Post accident and reasonable suspicion testing services through the use of our on-site collection staff or through our network of collection sites.

Employee drug testing is an important part of the Drug-free Workplace Initiative.