Midlands Testing Services of Texas (MTSTX) provides on-site flu shot clinics for our clients, as well as through social services programs serving the under privileged, as a cost-effective way to make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for your employees. 

We manage the process for you from start to finish. Our pricing includes nursing staff, vaccine, supplies, consent forms, VIS forms and removal of the bio-waste.

With up to 20% of the workforce getting sick with the flu each year, each of those employees loses an average of 5 work days annually. Vaccinated employees typically have fewer health care/provider visits, fewer lost workdays, and fewer work days with reduced productivity. Your company will face less risk of spreading inner-office flu, save on employee sick days, and increased productivity.

Make it a policy to vaccinate your employees against the flu every year to maximize performance. Your bottom line, and your healthy employees, will thank you!