Are you a supervisor or manager?   Do you know how to recognize signs of an employee being under the influence of drugs or alcohol?  Do you know what to do when you suspect an employee is under the influence?

Midlands Testing Services of Texas is proud to offer supervisory training for our clients.  The goal of our interactive training is to provide supervisors, who make reasonable suspicion determinations, with an understanding of the physical and performance indicators of alcohol and other drugs. Any company which has employees who fall under DOT regulations, this training is mandatory.  While supervisory training is not required by all states for companies who have a drug free workplace policy, most companies have found this interactive training a very valuable tool to equip their supervisors.  

Upon completion of our interactive training, your supervisors will be better able to:

 Understand the Dos and Don’ts for supervisors

 Understand the potential liability they face

 Recognize the symptoms of probable alcohol influence

 Recognize the effects of drug use / misuse

 Distinguish between a crisis situation and a performance problem

 Avoid enabling traps